Hey, there! 

My name is Haley Danielle and I create things. Often, I use words and photos. Other times, I use other things (being specific in art isn't my jam). 

I believe three things in this world are true: First, everyone is born creative. Second, we are made to walk this life together. And third, you have within you a deep and powerful story

If you're here to work with me, thank you! I'm so excited. Click here to get started. 

If you still want to know a little bit more, read on! 

Since I was old enough to hold a pen, I have been scribbling stories on unlined paper, crinkled napkins, and slick receipts. My heart has always been for creating, storytelling, and people. I often operate in the intersections (not literally, thank goodness) of creativity. I am a writing photographer. A new painter. A hopeful videographer (please don't contact me about that one, yet! It's on my dream list!) 

One of my first discoveries in my 25th year was simple: No one was going to give me permission to join the game. And so, I gave myself a jersey and set to work. While my meat and potatoes (if you'll pardon the cliche) will always be writing and photography, I am also allowing myself to open to other creative ventures, beginning with painting. If you'd like to read more about how I came to this watershed moment in my life, click here. 

In all of that, my heart is for you. I hope you come to this place with your mind and soul open. I hope you leave full or, at the very least, with the inspiration you need to get started on your creative journey. I am rooting for you with confetti guns and whooping noises that could potentially be embarrassing (but the good kind that makes you feel loved). 

You are already my very favorite person in the world. 

walking with you, 


let's be friends

I believe so passionately that life should be lived together, and I want you to know the person standing behind the camera, sitting (in leggings with a grapefruit LaCroix) behind the computer screen. Because, friend, I want to know you, too. It is an honor to tell your story. Here is part of mine. 

  • I have two younger sisters who are the greatest two humans alive; family is so important to me. 
  • My first love has always been and will always be Jesus Christ. It is because of Him that I live (and I love that God is also a creative)
  • I am passionate about women and children, specifically, the eradication of the sex trade and human trafficking and the orphan crisis. It is my dream to use my art to help tell those stories. (Organizations I love and support: Show Hope, The Archibald Project, International Justice Mission, OurRescue.)
  • I'm an INFP, which I've heard characterized as "moody" and "dreamy," much to the dismay of anyone around me ever at any point. (I saw once that INFPs "daydream moodily in the shower" and have never felt so pegged in my life.) I'm a Type 4 on an Enneagram test with occasional sprinkles of 3. 
  • If I had a magic genie, I'd ask for an endless supply of mac and cheese and plane tickets (I often post about my travels on the blog). 
  • My two favorite things to watch on Netflix are Parks and Rec, Gilmore Girls, and Friends.
  • I think Birkenstocks are hugs for your feet. (I wore only clogs all through middle school before it was a cool thing to do.)
  • I love plants, but someone told me the other day that they don't kill their favorite things, so I don't keep them in the house. 
  • I don't feel anything in halves. Jane Austen once wrote those words and freed my soul.
  • Speaking of, I am a reader. If I could consume all of the books, I would. I have so many favorites, I don't know which to tell you first. (I share what I'm reading regularly on my personal Instagram account.)
  • If we were getting coffee (which we definitely should), I would order a hazelnut latte with no foam because those warm my soul. 
  • I don't think there's anything more special than linking arms with a sister, holding hands with the one you love, or hugging a mother or father. We're all we've got. Let's live this life together. 

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