you were born with a story.

I believe in the power of linking arms and telling stories over cups of coffee and cones full of drippy ice cream. In every part of my being, I believe we were made to exist together and to boldly share our stories. Here's the truth: whether you're celebrating your fiftieth wedding anniversary, rebranding your creative business, or learning to skateboard, you have within you a beautiful, powerful story. It would be my distinct honor to help you discover and tell it.


working with me


 Because you're alive, you have a story.

Chances are, you're one of two people.

                                      Maybe you're tired of the saturated photography market that shouts your life should look a certain way. 

 Or maybe you're a brand who desperately needs help finding -- or honing -- its voice. 

    The good news? You're right where you need to be, my friend. You have a story and my goal is to make your experience with photography and copywriting/editing as unique as possible. When you work with Haley Danielle Creative, I'll ask you to dig deep into who you are. I ask you to be bold, honest, and raw, and to tell your story with bravery. 

I'll do it all with chipped nails, Friends references, and vanilla lattes.

I can't wait to know you.

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At Haley Danielle Creative, prepare to be known. You see, I want to know your favorite color. But I also want to know that you only eat cream cheese on your morning bagel every Friday and I want to know that one time, when you were seven, you busted your nose playing kickball. Here, we're family. Because we're all we've got. Here's what others are saying about HDC! (Want this to be you? Sweet! Click here for more info.) 

audrey + brandon proposal

Haley is a great friend and SUCH a creative genius! I love her heart for others and her perfectionist personality! She's the best at making my photo dreams a reality! 

katie senior photos 

senior portrait photographer

Haley is a complete joy to be around! I loved being able to hang out with her and get to know her a little more. It's definitely important for a photographer to actually want to get to know the person they're working with and Haley does that. 

Summer Senior Photos

Haley did my graduation pictures & they were awesome!

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